I sculpt primarily with wire. I prefer using acrylic paint, pastels, ink, and experimenting with digital processes to create 2D works.

There is a lot of symbolic or spiritual themes in my work. I believe that art can act like a mirror, or an echolocation to the soul.

I try to create art which can be interpreted intuitively, so it becomes personally relevant. During the connection between viewer and the art work, it is no longer about how the piece looks. It becomes about how it makes them feel.

Sometimes art can redirect the viewer to somewhere else. It can stir their soul and connect them to a place beyond the physical realm. This is why people feel better after looking at it.

I also believe art can sometimes serve as a guide towards where we need to be. Sometimes we feel lost, or feel as though we are searching for something, but we are not quite sure what that thing is. Art has the power to move people in the right direction, to their true calling. It can help people realise their true nature, and fulfil their highest potentials.

The darker side of the human ego; greed, hatred, fear and ignorance, has accelerated humanity to its current predicament, facing a crisis. A polluted world, and a way of living that is not sustainable for either ourselves or our planet. Sometimes there is an undeniable darkness to my work which is in response to this.

Art can activate human and spiritual potential. This awakening can cultivate the desire to honour and worship life itself, inspiring intervention and action to steer mankind off the pathway to self destruction.

In addition to my studio time, I am currently working through a Fine Art degree at Sunderland University.