The ART of Karl Jeffery

I’m an Artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I take everything back to basics. I render the subject to its simplest form; even life. I discard the realism and dust, and keep the beauty which is in simplicity; releasing the joy of colour, the fun of basic shapes and lines, and the happiness this combination brings.

Using my process of reconstruction and abstraction, the subject’s original form is transcended, and its soul is set free

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Lets Connect

I love to create alone. But through ‘Instagram’ I openly share my work, my works in progress, and my thoughts behind the creations. Through social media (and this website) I can share my journey as an artist. It also offers a way to communicate, connect, and share inspiration. If you wan’t to join me on this journey, you are very welcome. We can connect on Instagram here

The Art of Karl Jeffery

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