The ART of Spirituality

Karl Jeffery

I’m an Artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. My art embodies my own spiritual, meditative and mindfulness practices. It’s also fused with my reverence for eastern philosophies like Zen, and Taoism.

I use line to create form and render the subject into a more simplified expression of itself. 

The space represents the nothingness from which all things come, and connects all things. The line represents energy; the life force, the spirit, of the space – manifesting into form, into being.

Line and space, harmonised as a vibrant, energised, simplified expression of the life force, balanced to reveal the subjects form.

We are all interconnected, interwoven within the space, expressing outwardly as the line. We are no different to each other. We are connected to all things. We and all things are essentially one and the same, just a different ‘expression’ of the same thing.

In contrast to the spiritual side of my work, my art also acknowledges that it’s not always easy being human. It can be a struggle at times. Especially living in todays time of extremes. There is a great deal to feel stressed about, and there is little harmony in many peoples lives. Emotions and feelings are very powerful energies. They can affect us and the way we perceive and judge the world around us.

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Lets Connect

I love to create alone. But through ‘Instagram’ I openly share my work, my works in progress, and my thoughts behind the creations. Through social media (and this website) I can share my journey as an artist. It also offers a way to communicate, connect, and share inspiration. If you wan’t to join me on this journey, you are very welcome. We can connect on Instagram here

The Art of Karl Jeffery

Line Manifesting as Form

It’s NOT Easy Being Human


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