Why Meditate

Meditating can have life changing results

The benefits of meditating have been widely reported for years. Thousands of scientific studies and research projects have the evidence that shows meditating regularly brings a range of benefits, from health improvements, to emotional, mental, and increased physical performance. It literally transforms us from within the very core of our being. The effects that filter outwards into our daily lives have proven to be life changing for many people.

Meditating is scientifically PROVEN to be good for you. It is a positive, healthy, relaxing and enjoyable activity that you deserve the benefits of in your daily life. Feel free to check out the research or save some time by reading the summary below.

Feel Better

Meditation reduces stress, worry & anxiety, which means better health & happiness

Stress is believed to be the number one contributing cause of health problems today.

Whether stress comes as a result of our job, or a situation we are placed in momentarily or as part of our daily routine, stress physically damages our bodies and our health.

Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and much more. This is important because when we are stressed our bodies release stress hormones. The first signs of these hormones is that our heart rates go up. We become tense. Prolonged stress floods the body with so many of these hormones that they can start having a negative impact on our health. From increasing our risk of heart disease, to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity,  insomnia, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, cancer, fatigue, stomach ulcers, and many other illnesses or poor health conditions.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to remove the cause of the stress, like quitting your job, or avoiding being stuck in a traffic jam. But it is possible to change the way we deal with stress.

Meditation helps us to cope better mentally and emotionally. We process situations and events better in our minds, and it also helps us physically and physiologically too. During meditation, the body gradually releases the stress that’s already stored inside it. And it helps create a buffer to prevent the build up of further stress accumulating during the day.

Feel Healthier

The benefits of being more deeply relaxed from mediation not only reduces stress, it also increases vitality. Meditation has many positive effects on our health overall, including positively affecting our heart rate, blood pressure, immune systems and brain activity.

Studies show those who meditate heal faster, and recover from injury and illness quicker. They also visit their doctor less, and spend less time in hospital compared to those who don’t meditate.

Sleep Better

Sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep can lead to all kinds of issues, from feeling stressed or fatigued, to not being able to concentrate or function properly,  right through to negatively effecting our immune system and the overall health of our bodies.

Meditation improves and enhances the quality of sleep in a variety of ways, ultimately leading to more restful, peaceful nights, and better mornings, waking up feeling more refreshed, alert and energised.

Feel Brighter

Meditation Improves Memory, Concentration, & Learning Ability

Research shows that meditating is a proven way of tapping into the brain’s ability to concentrate, quickly adapt to new situations, memorise and learn.

The brain has a quality known as plasticity, enabling it to transform and grow new neurons. Meditation is a powerful tool for stimulating new neural connections and transforming the brain. One study found that after just eight weeks of meditation, participants experienced beneficial growth in the brain locations associated with concentration, learning ability, and memory.

Feel Inspired

Meditation Enhances Creativity & Improves Problem Solving

People who meditate regularly transcend the standard way of thinking and thought processing. They connect directly with what has become affectionately known as the field of infinite possibilities. They are more intuitively receptive to new insights, inspiration, and ideas.

Achieve & Succeed

Meditation Helps to Achieve More with Less Effort

People who meditate seem to accomplish more with less effort. They are able to move more freely with the flow of life, rather than resist or struggle with what life presents them with. As a result, they are more relaxed, more adaptable, more productive, and are often more successful in all areas of their life.

Feel Happier

And More Satisfied, More of the Time

Regular meditation catalyses a greater sense of happiness and joyful wellbeing. Things that would have once troubled or worried you are dealt with effortlessly.

With regular meditation, one experiences life from an inner calm, non-judgemental, accepting place. It is our innate and natural state of being. When one lives life connected deeply with this vibrant, inspired, energised state, they are able to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges. Able to live life with satisfaction, fulfilment, and joyful contentment.

More Love & Connection

Meditation helps generate a deeper connection of oneness with others, nature, and the world around you. It cultivates harmony, understanding, compassion, and equanimity. It enhances relationships with loved ones, and increases the sense of connection with others.

Feel peace

Experiencing true peace means being surrounded by the everyday troubles and challenges of life, while still feeling calm and joyful in your heart.

Feel Incredible

Meditation accelerates spiritual growth. Traditionally meditation was (and still is) used for attaining enlightenment. The benefits enlightenment or ‘self realisation’ has on a person is profound. Once experienced, nothing is ever the same again.

Many of the benefits and things people experience as a result of meditation are inexpressible, priceless, and profound. You will only truly understand this as a direct result of having your own regular meditation practice, but if you stay with it, over time you will come to experience that you’ll get far more out of meditation than you ever put into it.

The Benefits of Meditation

These are just some of the benefits that come from meditating. The best results will always come from having a regular meditation practice of at least 10 minutes per day. Meditation truly is the perfect excuse to ‘sit around and do nothing’ for a while.


  • Improve self confidence
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase vitality
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improves creativity
  • Improve memory
  • Enhance learning ability
  • Can help overcome fears & phobias
  • Slows the ageing process
  • Improves focus & concentration
  • Develop intuition
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase harmony in relationships
  • Enhance awareness
  • Improve will power
  • Increase levels of tolerance
  • Reduce the impulse to be judgemental
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & tendency to worry
  • Increase accurate decision making ability
  • Experience profound inner peace
  • Reduce negativity, conflict & drama
  • Help with insomnia
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • React to stressful events effectively & more calmly
  • Reduce tension, aggression & road rage
  • Increase listening skills
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Increase empathy
  • Maintain perspective
  • Prevent thoughts from taking control of your mind
  • Deeper levels of physical relaxation
  • Stabilise high blood pressure
  • Boost the immune system
  • Ease symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Helps with pain relief
  • Helps relieve symptoms of chronic diseases
  • Helps promote and speed up healing
  • Helps with stopping smoking
  • Helps ease headaches & migraines
  • Decrease tension
  • Helps to balance the Endocrine System
  • Helps with alcohol addiction
  • Increase productivity
  • Maintain efficient brain functioning
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Improve overall health
  • Enhance physical & mental performance
  • Accomplish things more effectively
  • Achieve more with less effort
  • Increase problem solving abilities
  • Understand the behaviour of your mind
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Helps keep things in perspective
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Can help to discover your purpose in life
  • Increase compassion
  • Increase wisdom
  • Increase happiness
  • Deeper understanding of yourself & others
  • Bring the body, mind, & spirit into harmony
  • Increase the capacity for love
  • Helps with acceptance & forgiveness
  • Connect to the power of consciousness beyond the Ego
  • Release & move on from painful memories
  • Enhances living in the present moment
  • Helps to attain enlightenment
  • Increase acceptance of oneself
  • Transcend your perceived limitations
  • Greater sense of emotional balance & wellbeing
  • Increase the synchronicity in life
  • Experience a oneness with nature
  • Being more in the flow of life
  • Leads to a more peaceful, happier, fulfilling, & enjoyable Life