AWAKEN – A short video about you.

A crash course to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Awakening is a process: You awaken, then you go back. It’s an ongoing cycle. You awaken and you glean something, a deeper realisation, an inner understanding of your true nature, seeing the essence of your life force in all forms. Seeing the essence of yourself woven into the fabric of the cosmos. You gain peace, aliveness, vitality, presence. And then something happens – the density of form comes back. The dream of form comes back. You are overwhelmed by that again, finding yourself back to the illusion of time and ‘being’ in time.

What’s happening now is an accelerated awakening process of this planet. You are part of a vast unfolding of cosmic proportions – and the more we as a species are open to that, the more quickly it happens in this world of ‘time.’

Sharing my journey as an Artist

With those who resonate with my work

The Art of Spirituality

This short video shows some of my work from a group exhibition (June 4th 2019) at the Creative Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

RUN (Ego V’s Awakening)

The majority of my work has a spiritual theme or connection, and there is often a deeper symbolic meaning to the work I create. In this short video, I explains the symbolic meaning of Run (Ego V’s Awakening).

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