My art revolves around spiritual practices & philosophies, ancient wisdom, and the struggle of being human

My work embodies my own spiritual, meditative and mindfulness practices.

It is fused with ancient wisdom, from Zen & Taoist philosophies. And the teachings of our indigenous ancestors.

I am inspired by the clues, knowledge and technologies, left behind by those advanced civilisations & intelligences, that were on the earth long before mankind as we know it, existed.

I acknowledge and express suffering through my work. It’s not always easy being human. It can be a struggle at times.

I love simplicity. Rendering the concept to its simplest form.

Further insight

We are all from the same source, all animated by the same life force. From ‘form’ through to ‘formlessness.’ The seen, and the unseen. Everything in the known universe, connected & intertwined – as one. We and all things are essentially one and the same, just a different ‘expression’ of the same thing.

In contrast to the spiritual, uplifting and enriching side of my work, my art also acknowledges that it’s not always easy being human. It can be a struggle at times. Especially living in todays time of extremes. There is a great deal to feel stressed about, and there is little harmony in many peoples lives. Emotions and feelings are very powerful energies. They can affect us and the way we perceive and judge the world around us.

Similar to Zen Art, some of my work is a transmission of spiritual knowledge or teaching in a visual form. Some is simply my expression of my own understanding of the nature of things. Some of which cannot be fully explained with words. Which is where the visual language of art and symbolism helps. It bypasses the mental filters of ‘logic’, and goes straight to the heart of our subconscious selves, which intuitively interprets the meaning. Often there are no need for words. The symbology says it all.

My process:

I mainly use the primary colours (Red, Blue and Yellow) plus white and black. I prefer using ink or acrylic paint. I sculpt primarily with wire.

I enjoy rendering the subject into a more simplified expression of itself. This is often done using a continuous line (or lines) to create form. The line represents energy, the life force, the spirit, manifesting into form – into being. The space represents the nothingness from which all things come, and the space that connects all things.

The other technique I use is to recreate a concept using symbolism.

Those who resonate with my work:

Most people appreciate it for its uniqueness, or the sparkle and value it adds to their homes and spaces.

Some recognise that my work plays part in their own spiritual journey. It transmits subtle teachings, qualities or energies that often cannot be explained or expressed fully in words, writings, or actions.


Through my work as a meditation teacher I have been helping people all over the world to experience the magic of meditation. You can learn more about this side of my work, and how I continue to make learning meditation easy, effortless and enjoyable, using the button below.

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